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Cindy Li
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Jingyi( Cindy) Li is a real estate professional with an MBA from University of New Haven. She feels passionate to apply the marketing and analytical skills she has acquired to help you to achieve your goal in the most effective way. She will listen to your needs and desires patiently. she is ready to accompany you through your coming journey. She firmly believes the house is the most import asset in everyone's life, and in most times, it carries a meaning far beyond a pure investment can bring. She is willing to spend a quality time with you to help with any real estate concerns you may have.

Cindy speaks Mandarin and has a sophisticated skill to help Chinese buyers. She willing to help buyer to get good deal and save money . Help seller net the most.

Jingyi (Cindy ) Li 毕业于纽黑文大学商学院,拥有MBA工商管理硕士学位。自从加入Barbie Li team她一直致力于为客户提供高水准的专业服务。她对每位客户都真诚用心,擅长聆听客户需求,运用娴熟的谈判技巧为客户获取最大利益,帮助客户做出最适合自己的选择。作为一名资深房地产经纪,Cindy丰富的专业经验包括房地产买卖交易,房地产投资/管理,通晓有关房地产法律法规。她有着精准的信息分析能力,敏锐的市场洞察力,以及高效的执行力。凭着广博扎实的专业知识,Cindy成功的为中外客户提供了令人满意的服务,并赢得了很多好评与推荐。Cindy Li真诚希望能够成为您在纽约的安家置业的好帮手,为您投资美国提供详尽解答与倾力支持!请加微信: addme188